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Where'sAmy?Con - Laugh now

Oct. 31st, 2004 01:09 pm Where'sAmy?Con

Sarah: "But you have a fish in your mudslide!"
Natalie: "Not so much, now it's dried up on shore."

"I felt really sorry for him but I'm glad I've moved out!" -Laurie, re: her dad

"She didn't get my purse. She still gets a tip." -Laurie

"It doesn't look especially appetizing after I know Laurie has sucked on it." -Sarah

"Because the potheads need the DARE ball. That they stole from a grade school." -Laurie

"So they could have afforded a really good stripper." -Sarah

"We could order from Crabs and Things." -Liz

"Come for the food, stay for the antibiotics." -Liz

Liz: "The peeps are better when they're hard."
Sarah: "They're better when they're squishy."

"If you stop drinking now, that might help in the sobering up department." -Rona on the phone with Amy

"You need to be here when you're this drunk." -Rona, again to Amy

Sarah: "I have a really comfortable backseat."
Rona: "Ew!"

"He can lift heavy stuff, too." -Greg, re: Gary

"If that's a twist off, I'm gonna laugh my ass off." -Laurie, re: the beer bottle opening saga

"Where *is* Amy?" -Sarah

"I have bigger balls." -Laurie

"You saw drunks and dogs and billy goats. And you're not hallucinating." -Rona on the phone with Amy again

"Did she just say she was getting a glass of milf?" -Laurie

"Did you just say mystic udder?" -Laurie

"The door is shiny from peep." -Natalie

"Greg's naked in the pool!" -Gary, looking out the window

Rona: "There was a clearance on Muppet parts."
Natalie: "I don't want to know which parts."
Rona: "The furry ones!"

"It's Muppet that's been put through a pasta maker." -Sarah

"It's all about the tactile sensations." -Sarah

"I'm not going to bend over for him, because that goes a whole other place that doesn't make anyone happy." -Rona

Laurie: "We're having a war and no one told me?"
Sarah: "Sorry, it broke out while you were peeing."

"I can put my arm down my pants." -Laurie

"How many hands can we put down Laurie's pants?" -Gary

Greg: "We're going to get lost, aren't we?"
Everyone in the room: "< nods >"

Gary: "So I've been replaced, Rona?"
Rona: "Yes. By a little pinching tool."

"Teacher Sarah says shut the fuck up!" -Laurie

Amy: "Ah, that feels better."
Natalie: "Your finger wasn't good enough?"
Amy: "Not in this case, no."

Rona: "I have a vibrating toothbrush-"
Amy: "Yeah, toothbrush. Sure, Rona."

"Amy, it's too big for my hole." -Rona

"The glitter on the urinal in the men's bathroom kind of disturbed me." -Gary

"Woah, it's really cold right in front of the blower!" -Rona, holding her chest

"You are where glitter comes from." -Natalie

"Like my ass needs a plate of fudge." -Laurie

"It's like you're right here, but without the cleavage!" -Rona to Corde

Rona: "We're in the liquor zone. You lick her. No, you lick her."
Greg: "Let's both lick her!"

"Amy! No napping! I'll have to come over there and jump on you." -Rona

"That makes me want to run down squirrels." -Laurie

"See, if you were a real boy..." -Rona

Rona: "It's going to be a long time before I'm comfortable with oxygen in my house."
Natalie: "How do you plan to keep it out?"

Rona: "How old were you when you started dating?"
Greg: "I don't know, 4?"

"It was a whole redneck thing." -Rona

Rona: "Relax!"
Amy: "No!"
Rona: "Relax!"
Amy: "No!"

Greg: "How did I get 20 years older than you?"
Rona: "Because you suck!"

"We were on the elevator with a lady who was wearing clothes." -Rona

"Ew, she's doing it dry!" -Laurie

"It's like someone spooged on the door." -Laurie

"Kilt! Kilt! It's Liam Neeson in a kilt and you changed it!" -Laurie

"You made me fuzzy." -Laurie

"And then we show up with 7 people in 8 cars." -Gary

"Because cows neither swim nor crawl." -Sarah

"How dare she have other tables." -Sarah, re: the waitress

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