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MedusaCon - Laugh now

Oct. 29th, 2004 09:15 pm MedusaCon

Friday Quotes
"It's like 50 different kinds of sin in one can." - Rona re: chocolate whipped cream

"Hey, anybody wanna watch some porn?" - Heather

"My comic guy knows what I like." - Natalie

"Overstimulation, all in one convenient spot." - Rona

"It's the Maze of Porn. You turn one corner - blow job." - Heather

Theresa: "Don't forget the group sex."
Sarah: "In the forest."

"Have you ever had a hard whopper?" - Natalie

Rona: "She spit it out."
Theresa: "You mean she didn't swallow?"
Natalie: "For the record, I swallowed."

"Have you ever done something that feels good, and you just can't stop?" - Heather

Natalie: "I have paper cuts."
Sarah: "The quote list strikes back."

"Now you've got dog penis on your hand!" - Heather

"Fright Night" Commentary
"My girlfriend's wearing a bedsheet." - Sarah, speaking for the main character

"She's gonna swallow him whole." - Theresa

"She's got the biggest mouth I've ever seen." - Natalie

"Bet she could use one of those hard whoppers." - Heather
/"Fright Night" Commentary

"Well, put it in." - Rona

"The dog's going up Tinka's shirt." - Sarah

"Maybe I like them hard." - Tinka

"She's Puppy Penis Natalie with Stinky Underwear in the Wall Woman." - Heather

"Just put your butt in my face, that's cool, too." - Tinka

"Nice knockers." - Theresa

"You don't have a bra on." - Theresa

Rona, re: her bra: "Mine's leopard print."
Theresa: "Prove it."

Tinka: "I hate it when the balls get in the way."
Sarah: "Especially when you're eating."

"If nobody does it with me, I won't do it." - Tinka

"They make portable ones, but they don't call them chairs." - Rona, re: the vibrating chair

"It's a nice butt. You should do it." - Tinka

"Send her off to college and she gets all sassy." - Heather re: Tinka

"Who let the frogs out? Ribbit, ribbit." - Theresa's soon-to-be pop hit

"I think I need a blow job." - Rona

"Suck first, then blow." - Tinka

"Keep playing with it till it works." - Rona

"Just squeeze the whole thing." - Sarah

"Stop eating the carpet." - Heather

"That's a sight a girl needs to see. Blowjobs, blowjobs, blowjobs." - Tinka

"Your nose is cold and wet." - Rona

Natalie (Conversation 1): "I'm having the worst time swallowing these blow jobs today."
Sarah (Conversation 2): "Those are the only kind I'll eat."

"You like that wet and creaminess." - Heather

"I have whipped cream on my glasses." - Sarah

"I got an apple for you, baby." - Rona

"You're just trying to get me in the porn position." - Natalie

"I'll take 'em any size." - Tinka

"Does he have boobs?" - Tinka

"You can lick me." - Sarah

"My mouth is a cock-free zone." - Tinka

"Ooh, what do you like to do in the dark? *crash* OW." - Tinka

"Do you have a boob?" - Sarah

Saturday Quotes
"He doesn't like Tinka's hair, either." - Sarah, in response to Oscar's crying

"Are you talking about my boobs?" - Tinka

"They won't let her have anything bigger." - Rona

"Play with your face, see if it doesn't feel good." - Heather

"With your oral fixation and my facial fixation, we'd be set. Those would be happy good times." - Heather

"Follow the bouncing boobs." - Tinka

"I was wondering what you were pulling out of there." - Liz

"Everyone needs a good bitch." - Natalie

"I'm comfortable to sleep with, but not when I'm on top of your head?" - Tinka

"And five minutes later it pops up from between her legs." - Rona

Tinka: "Is it all right if he sucks on my finger?"
Heather: "Sure. Wait. Where's your finger been?"

"Wow, two fingers at once?" - Tinka

"I have nipple-like fingers." - Tinka

"You make me want to suck on something." - Tinka

"You sucked it all off!" - Tinka

"Now I'm spent." - Tinka

"Put that down your pants." - Heather

"I'm getting licked now." - Natalie

"Bite it!" - Liz

"I'm gonna make it so I can feel it." - Natalie

"I'll vibrate with you anytime, Nat." - Tinka

Tinka: "My favorite place."
Liz: "Right between my legs."

"You're Ken's much better older brother... Bob." - Sarah

"< drool > < squeal >" - Oscar

"You're like a noodle." - Liz

"It's all wet and drooly." - Natalie

"It's got a stud finder in it, just never goes off when Tinka has it." - Rona

"Tinka, they have medication for that now." - Liz

"We've all turned into teenage boys." - Liz

"Can't even wash the car without a penis involved." - Rona

"Make it harder." - Tinka

"It could have been a lot bigger and longer."- Theresa

"Theresa can give it to us hard and long." - Tinka

"It's my magic wand!" - Rona

"I hate it when it gets all sticky." - Tinka

"I'm in the wrong position here, cuz I'm not feeling anything." - Natalie

Tinka: "I've always bonded well with older women."
Sarah: "Would that be with the tape?"

"Do they make thongs for five-year-olds?" - Sarah

"I get to take Amy home, I get to take Amy home!" - Rona

"Are they already in bed?" - Tinka

"Does anyone know when Amy's gonna get here?" - Rona

"Gee, you don't look like Satan's spawn..." - Sarah

Theresa: "I know French."
Rona: "So do I."
Tinka: "I know."

"Don't put your hand in my bag." - Tinka

"I'm facial and anal." - Heather

"That was all a tongue problem there." - Tinka

"They're like nipplettes." - Heather, re: the marshmallows

"Ooh, yeah." - Amy

"If you're calm, just concentrate on the balls..." - Tinka

"I have Bullwinkle hair in my mouth." - Tinka

"Rona's making Tinka squirm." - Liz

"You don't like to wash?" - Heather

"With you and the image of 'screwed raw', I'm now visualizing Tinka's unwashed privates." - Heather

"They tend to disintegrate if you grab too hard." - Amy

Rona: "Ooh, something big and red!"
Theresa: "That could be frightening."

"You can't just not pet him." - Rona

"If I get another one, I'll give you my cherry." - Sarah to Tinka

"She gives me her cherry on a regular basis." - Tinka

"If they could do higher math, they wouldn't be waitresses." - Rona

"Are you getting all tingly, Tinka?" - Liz

"I'm getting sticky white stuff on my hand." - Liz

"Did someone say 'Scaper dildo'?" - Tinka

"My God, Tinka! I don't know if I want to give you my cherry after that!" - Sarah

"Maybe we could make it the communal cherry." - Sarah

Natalie: "So how was Sarah's cherry?"
Tinka: "Plump."

"You had the boob for lunch at ScaperCon?" - Heather

"Squid, anyone?" - Amy

"I feel I need to buy a thong." - Rona

"Is it bad that I can't find my cleavage?" - Natalie

"Put it on the quote list. 'Tinka < combusts >. Except that's a whole bust thing and she can't handle that." - Rona

"I'm gonna make Tinka vibrate in class." - Rona

Tinka: "I'd rather have a vibrator than a knitter."
Rona: "You can have both!"

"Is that your crotch? I'd grab it, but..." - Heather

"I'm stripping the kid." - Sarah

"Natalie looks like she's about to stab my kid with her breasts!" - Heather

"I like quickies." - Rona

"I prefer not to think of them as marital aids, but as Liz aids." - Liz

Sarah's Bedtime Story: "The people were so happy with the camel-"
Liz: "They gave him all their young virgins?"
Sarah: "That's why the camel has two humps."

Sunday Quotes
"Did Bullwinkle just go to the bathroom?" - Tinka

"It licked my pillow. It was ucky." - Liz

"There's a marshmallow on the floor. How odd." - Heather

"I need to put some clothes on." - Rona

Tinka: "< happy noises >"
Rona: "She's making happy noises in time with the chair."

"Abracadabra! < buzz >" - Rona

"She grabs her little brown bag and walks away." - Tinka

"Are you enjoying the buzzing?" - Natalie

"Gives a whole new meaning to 'Tinka's buzzing.'" - Rona

"We're gonna have to buy Tinka a portable chair." - Rona

"Long Shong Silver's." - Heather's newest restaurant idea

"I love you all so much that if we were stuck in the ocean, I would breastfeed all of you." - Heather

"Except Tinka, she'd do everybody." - Rona

"You like them big, long and hard?" - Heather

"I've got bad visuals again. Only when I talk to Heather." - Rona

"At that point, neither of them are gay yet." - Rona

"Life's too short for me to limit myself to one gender." - Liz

"You don't have dimples? Or you don't have nipples?" - Heather

"I'm giving Natalie head right now." - Liz

"Let me get the Tongue Joy!" - Rona

"I don't do attachments real well." - Liz

"She is not trashy!" - Tinka defending Angelina Jolie from across the house

"Your hand was almost in my crotch." - Amy

"More head." - Rona

"And that would be lack of head." - Rona

"A whore movie is Nightmare on Porn Street. A horror movie is Nightmare on Elm Street." - Heather

"Come to Condom!" - Heather

"Squeeze her nipples?" - Tinka

Rona: "Oh my God, I choked on a whopper."
Natalie: "Was it hard?"
Rona: "Just too big."

"She missed her mouth on that one." - Theresa

"I'm out of practice with whoppers. I've been sleeping with Tinka for two days." - Rona

"You had pussy hair in your lipstick?" - Theresa

"You rotted a hole through your jeans?" - Heather to Tinka

"She just said 'vagina.'" - Heather

Tinka: "I just want sweet in my mouth."
Heather: "To get rid of that rotted aftertaste?"

Heather: "I caught bisexuality."
Rona: "You can catch that?"
Liz: "I went to the clinic to get a shot for that."
Sarah: "But it didn't work because I thought she was cute!"

Natalie: "Tinka's a dirty, dirty girl."
Tinka: "I can't even respond to that."

Natalie: "First you caught bisexuality and now you caught dirty."
Rona: "I upgraded from dirty to really filthy."
Natalie: "I'm just swimming in filth. It's fun down there."
Rona: "Oh, visuals, visuals..."

"That's why at events like that I always provide my own ride." - Liz

Natalie: "There's Liz's butt!"
Liz: "And what a nice ass it is. Does it make you horny?"

Theresa: "Tinka, what are you doing to your crotch?"
Tinka: "I'm hiding the hole."

Tinka: "Look! My clothes!"
Sarah: "We always try to hide your clothes."

"Oh, go there. You know you want to." - Natalie

"Did you just smack your head?" - Natalie

"It sounds like you're abusing the wall." - Natalie

Natalie: "Stop swinging your thing."
Natalie (answering herself): "I don't have a thing to swing."

Tinka: "You must swing your thing to gain entrance."
Rona: "I want in! I want in!"

Theresa: "Oh, did I miss it?"
Natalie: "Are they having group sex out there?"
Tinka: "There are only two."
Sarah: "It's a group, just a small one."

Tinka: "The cat is sniffing the hole in my jeans."
Theresa: "She's licking your crotch?"

"We're traumatizing Liz, and that's a real accomplishment." - Sarah

Tinka: "You're licking me in places I haven't been licked before."
Liz: "Licking the Essence of Tinka."
Rona: "That's worth licking."

"Tinka's been licked raw." - Rona

"Bad pussy! < smack >" - Liz

"Where's the riding crop?" - Theresa

"We'd like Liz to work there because she has experience." - Rona, re: Medusa's

"Clothespins? White trash nipple clamps." - Heather

"Look at those dimples standing out." - Theresa

Rona: "I haven't made a point of studying nipple clamps."
Liz: "I haven't at Menard's."

"At least it didn't come out your butt." - Theresa

"There's a possibility that Rona may be jumping in the bathtub." - Heather

Theresa: "Did you have to jump in the toilet?"
Rona: "No, I had to jump in the bathtub. But it's fine now."

"Is my ass never going to be clean?" - Heather

"I just feel dirty." - Heather

"What bodily function can we talk about next?" - Theresa

"We covered orgasms in the car." - Rona

Sarah: "You didn't like the tongs."
Rona: "They were a little uncomfortable."

"Sarah's having a whopper crisis. She can't get to her whoppers." - Rona

"I've been poking them with pens all weekend." - Natalie

"I've never been good with whoppers." - Tinka

"Give it to Liz, she knows how to handle a whopper." - Rona

"Use your teeth." - Rona

"I'm going to have to suck it through a spit-covered hole." - Sarah

"Eew, Rona spit." - Sarah

"Tie her up, tie her up!" - Natalie

"Did you lose something in the crack?" - Natalie

Rona: "Drive."
Tinka: "< happy noise >"

Natalie: "Are you porning something?"
Tinka: "Do I look pornish to you?"
Heather: "You're a pornish princess."

"I'm warming up your nipplette." - Rona

"You marked it with a pencil?" - Rona

Tinka: "Where's the pencil?"
Heather: "The pencil is lost in the hole."

"I dropped the nipplette and I don't know where it went." - Tinka

"Want a nipplette?" - Tinka

"I do not want to find a bunch of nipplettes in my bag when I get home." - Sarah

"Oh, dear God." - Sarah

Rona: "We've doubled."
Tinka: "Yeah, that's the point."

Rona: "She wasn't listening to you, just humoring you."
Theresa: "Yeah, basically."

Rona: "Apparently she prefers her nipplettes a little larger."
Tinka: "And older."

"She's got a nipplette problem." - Sarah

"My stupidity is allowing them to snort." - Tinka

"What's a little drool among friends?" - Rona

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