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RelocationCon - Laugh now

Oct. 30th, 2004 10:30 am RelocationCon

The Move
aka RelocationCon
aka MoistCon
aka PneumoniaCon
aka "It's STILL raining??" Con
aka "Mother Nature is a %#$&!@ !!" Con

"The good thing about being too damn tired to pick up the quote book?
Being able to type up the list in record time. " - Natalie

Friday Quotes

"They have a wonderful fettucini alfredo that you dip yourself in. And then you take the noodles and..." - Miranda

"I was so enthused in the couch, I forgot the menu." - Natalie

"I have a slobber mark on my boob." - Miranda

Miranda: "I need a moment."
Theresa: "Another one?"

"She can write down everything we say, but she can't write down her own damn order correctly." - Theresa re: Natalie

"Jar Jar Binks is holding the Wookiee." - Sarah

Saturday Quotes

"It's the cackle of Sarah." - Heather

Laura: "It's raining."
Heather: "Uh huh."
Laura: "Oh. *Dude*."

"I'm not cool, who am I trying to kid?" - Beth

"I know you have a body bag in your room." - Laura

"I'm a Leo; I have no idea how to organize." - Miranda

"Are you calling me dada again?" - Miranda to Hunter

"I am not your dada!" - Miranda

Bob the Builder theme song (and various other kiddie tunes) - courtesy of Heather, Theresa and Miranda

"We're not afraid to get moist." - Laura

"Where's Amy?" - Laura

"We get to lift with our knees!" - Beth

"You know why this is happening? Because I did a bad thing." - Heather re: the weather

Laura: "Should we give it a go?"
Rain: < goes sideways >

Laura: "MoistCon."
Sarah: "Because 'Really Really Fucking Wet Con' won't fit on the title thing."

"Laura can teach you all sorts of new things, I bet." - Sarah to Hunter

"I'm fun on a date!" - Laura

"Want to smell my fingers now?" - Laura

"Bullwinkle, get out of my mulch!" - Theresa

"Grab a leg, baby." - Laura

"Here, I don't want to get you killed. Oops, I ripped your head off." - Heather to the worm

"B is for boob." - Heather

Laura, re: Beth: "She's a sweet girl."
Heather, seeing all the alcohol Beth brought: "She's a *really* sweet girl."

"It's a size issue." - Amy

"That sounded like Johnny Bravo. I need more scotch." - Miranda

Heather: "The guy who sold me the home theater told me not to pay attention to the directions."
Amy (after two hours of trying to set up the home theater): "Thank you. Thank you for telling me *now*."

"Did the ship move for you, too?" - Sarah

"You see a bunch of people in tacky polyester running down the hallway screaming 'My breasts are on fire!'" - Miranda

"Frock you!" - Miranda

"How many times did I show my cleavage?" - Theresa

Sarah: "I think she's saying 'surround me, baby.'"
Laura: "Surround me, baby. That could happen."

"I said *ripples*." - Miranda

"I got my nipple for the night." - Laura

"Theresa's got a nipple." - Miranda

"Nick, when you had your foot up playing with the camera like that, it looked like a sock puppet." - Heather

"Oh my God, my hair looks horrible!" - Heather, two seconds after smiling for a picture

"Look, your toes are twinkling." - Miranda

"So, I guess Tinka's not coming." - Heather, ca. 8 pm

"They're going to drive us to senility." - Sarah, re: the Westminster Village retirement home commercials

Natalie: "You're losing your powers of speech."
Heather: "Ask me to shit- say..."

"It's still my turn." - Heather

"Slipping in a puddle of blood. I like that." - Miranda

"I'm just punchy and tired and *really* relaxed." - Miranda

"I thought I lost my touch, but I guess not. Backrubs, I mean." - Laura

Sunday Quotes

"We're just having some Mother's Day fun." - Heather

"That's about as romantic as it can get. Except for that part." - Laura

"I don't want anything that sucks that hard." - Sarah

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