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shippers list - Laugh now

Jan. 24th, 2005 12:50 pm shippers list

A short post, from all the E-mails I got through since October.

"Also, Snip and Combine is the John/Aeryn of netiquette. We all support the ship." -Natalie

"Dude, it's muppet mpreg!" -Kate

Maren: "Something tells me this kid is gonna have an unhealthy fetish with guns."
Natalie: "And what do you want for Christmas, little D'Argo?
D'Argo: "PK assault rifle with hair trigger!""
Elf: "It's the new "A Christmas Story", starring D'Argo Sun Crichton!   "You'll zap
yer eye out, kid.  With little yellow bolts of light.""

"I love you, Natalie!  (play-dohnically)" -Elf

"Family:  Like John says to Pilot, "It's always been about  family".  By avoiding "happy families in space", Farscape really has given  us the TRUEST family on TV.  This is what families do--fight and bitch and  moan and kick ass together.  That's real love.  " -Elf

"LOL - I was bugging the crap outta Michele. She was being snooty saying "I
saw the last thirty minutes! I know what happens!!"
She's like "John was dead, but whatever... he came back." So I was messing
with her cause, ARGH! that annoys me when she acts like she knows it all...
"He wasn't ever dead. Where did you see that? Well, You have to watch it
again, cause that's not what happened."
"Yes he was! I saw it!"
"No, he wasn't ever dead. You need to watch again."
"Okay, please tell me... who died?" - now she's really wondering about what
she saw.
"No, you have to watch it."
"Please Shannon! Tell me if John died!!"
"He didn't die, he was in a coma, and if you think death = a coma, we have a
few things to talk about."" -Shan

Maren: "“For the sake of our children...”  I’m glad she agreed first and all – cause ever since ScaperCon I’ve found it hard to hate Grayza cause Rebecca is so cool (though laying off the Evil Boob Sweat and skanky shirts helped a lot, too) – but dude, did she just confirm what I thought she confirmed? Dammit!"
Natalie: "And I don't think she was all "Where's my child support! I'm taking
you on Maury!" as much as it was "Hey, I'm having one, too, bitches.""

(re: Emperor Manboobies
"Dude, seriously...  When he first showed up, I wasn't sure if he was a boy
or a girl because of those things.  I mean, I'm all for anatomically correct
rubber (or in this case, metal) suits and all, but only for parts that you
actually *have*." -Maren

"Oh, they've been pushing that line forever. MUPPET SEX." -Nick

(re: baby D'Argo)
Natalie: "Not many four-year-olds can take apart a pulse rifle. He will be one that can."
Shan: "Oh, that'd be so cool... a little Sydney... except, a boy, and out in space, with a pulse rifle..."

"So, yes, um, thoughts (second airing, 'cause my brain broke on the first):" -Kate

"Wow, one hell of ride.  I'd just like to thank everybody involved.  And damn them all." -Kate

"On to replies - but, first, some really looooooooong spoiler space.
'Cause I'm scared of Sarah.
Really." -Lorien

"D'Argo's fine.  He's having drinks in my jacuzzi. Party, anyone?" -Lorien

Shan: "Oh. My... he just stuck that thing up her... ooookay then. Well, it is realistic."
Lorien: "Wasn't she wearing pants?
And what part did it get stuck up Rygel?
WAIT!  Don't wanna know....  ::doses brain in Psysol::"

"::refuses to contemplate internal muppet organs::" -Lorien

"Wow. Moya turned into a tough chick over the past two months. Too bad she's still not extremely bright..." -Nick

Maren: "“I’ll find you... I’ll find you!”  Okay, so there’s still hope!  It’s not over yet!  ::packs some bags and heads to her condo in Denial::"
Lorien: "::greets her with a nice welcome basket::
Because it's a shipper welcome basket it has Psysol, Shamu floaties, margarita mix and J/A porn!"

Natalie: "Love Aeryn talking to her stomach, and how he starts kicking when she talks about the gun. Worry for the kid."
Lorien: "Are you kidding?  I'm worried about the other toddlers in the sandbox with him and Baby's First Pulse Pistol."

"And, can I have a meaningless fling with the Primer? As long as I promise not to fall in love?" -Lorien

Natalie: "The primer is there for a reason. Get to know it. It doesn't suck."
Nick: "The phrase "But don't *love* your Primer" crossed my mind just now. I wonder why."

Natalie: "I wanna see Stark and the Bursar in the same room."
Nick: ""My side, your side, my side, your side!"
"My side is a pineapple."
Hell, throw in Ralph Wiggum, too."

"Puns: For best results, read while tired." -Nick

"Great minds... are striving to cure the world of horrible diseases. But Shipper minds think alike while having fun. :)" -Nick

"It was a tough juggling act... like juggling kittens. Do it well and you make
people smile and worry. Mess up and you get cat scratches, people crying,
PETA yelling at you, and probably arrested." -Nick

Natalie: "Roy: Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Hopefully."
Elf: "Y'know, I DID make her a blushing bride in the final Scapespeare..."
Nick: "Ah, but never a bride in canon. However, it might be entertaining if she were a bride in a cannon. It could be a circus act. The Bridal Missle! The Flying
Bride! The Intercontinental Ballistic Bride!"

Nick: "I think that given the circumstances he could settle  for a massive bitchslap to their plans for Galactic Rule. If the Scarrans  had been destroyed, he'd do a little jig (and I can totally picture this,  and I blame Harvey for that)."
Elf: "Why is it I can see it too, but only when Scorpy is singing 'If I Were  a
Rich Man!' from Fiddler on the Roof?"

"In other news, my bookcase still isn't finished, my bedroom still isn't clean and my office still isn't organized.  But I have made it through all four seasons of "Queer As Folk," so at least I have my priorities straight.
So to speak." -Lorien

"It's December, the season of giving and I wanted to share something very
special with everyone

*sneezes all over the shippers list*
I have just infected 85% of you with sneeziness and a sore throat :-P" -Jodie

"Ah, such a long time since I posted - and really the only reason I'm here is
because the Porn Sister said I should come to make an announcement.
I have a boyfriend.
Any further corruption of the sweet innocent Shan is not at all due to the
bigamist marriage performed at ScaperCon '01 and is now to be blamed
entirely on a guy named Mike...
*g* I'm a tramp now..." -Shan

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Date:January 24th, 2005 07:45 pm (UTC)
Rampant egomaniac talking, but I think this "It was a tough juggling act... like juggling kittens. Do it well and you make
people smile and worry. Mess up and you get cat scratches, people crying, PETA yelling at you, and probably arrested," has to be one of the best quotes I've ever had. Structurally sound, amusing imagery, good pacing, kittens... Good stuff.