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" -Shannon "I was at Target today, and they had "Tahiti" and "Bali"… - Laugh now

Aug. 1st, 2004 04:09 pm

" -Shannon

"I was at Target today, and they had "Tahiti" and "Bali" chairs. My muse sat down in the "Bali" one, and I just had to laugh..." -Becca

"Becca, take my advice: bakery brownies. Much easier on the hands. Harder on the pocketbook, but easier on the hands. Harder on the hips, but..." -Shaye

"Here's my offering to the great J/A song gods! May it be smoky when burned and get all those in attendance a nice little buzz." -Kathe

"Sarah, be glad Becca corrected you before Tinka saw that. She's a HUGE Melissa Etheridge fan. (What do you mean by huge fan, you say? I'm looking at a 5 hour drive to St. Louis with nothing but Melissa playing in Tinka's car, I say. Yeah. Huge fan.)" -Corde

"Hi to RainSun! Or I might just call you Rain...I'm Stacy, the 13-year old who pops up whenever I feel like it and answer about sixty mails at once." -Stacy

"I'm on the QL, perhaps I should feel scared. Naaaahhhhh." -Al

"Don't Lurk to much! We like talking to new people! Besides - how can you make the quote list if you are lurking!! ;-)" -Gigi

"Yep. But instead of worrying about the 'worse', I'm focusing on the 'get better' part. :) 'cause you don't say things like that unless you're planning on them getting better. (Call me naive, I don't care, I'm happy)" -Sarah

"I don't know what part of my brain keeps this information, but I'm sure I could probably cure some diseases if I could just clear out all this worthless stuff." -Natalie

"I'm STILL at 9th place with 87. (I'm going to have to stop talking so much! < Tinka yells, "Yeah, right!" >)" -Corde

"And I thought Rygel without underwear was a bad mental image! This is like, 10 googolplexes worse!" -Aileen

"It has to be a sign of something when you begin to suspect someone bombed the rest of the US and never thought to inform us Alaskans when you only have 30 msgs in a day...Hmmm, at least we can all celebrate our geekiness together! < vbg >" -Jessi

The resident itty-bitty chibi baby."

"I think they were all written by David Kemper. But Natalie, I'll die right along with you if I see "Written by David Kemper and Justin Monjo" at the beginning. And then I'll quickly come back to life before I miss anything. ;)" -Becca

"< brain is suddenly short-circuited > Frosted...brwonie...? Frosted...mmmmm... < drool > I'm heading out to a Starbucks ASAP..." -Becca

"Okay, now I REALLY need to see this preview!!!!!!! I'm thinking it'll be on bunches tonight - catching the FS fans who don't know it's pre-empted, etc. Excuse me while I go park my butt in front of the tube for the next five hours." -Sarah

"Just my pair of pennies!" -Corde

"On another note, I read Wednesday that Jell-o, when hooked up to an EEG, produces movements nearly identical to a healthy adult (human) brain. Coincidence? I think not!" -Shaye

"Me, procrastinate? I'm waaaay past procrastination. It's really pathetic when you see going to work as unacceptable procrastination to the project at hand. That, dear shippers, is called Raw Fear. " -Hutch

"But, dear beta reader, will you tell my frelling Fic Muse to put a lid on it for the weekend???" -Hutch

"Well, I suppose we could work together to create Drool Therapy. Requires co-therapists. That way at least one of the two is listening at any given time. We'd have to run some trials, of course. I'm not so sure how I'm going to convince an ethics board that a teacher is qualified as a therapist, but I'm sure I'll think of something. Just have to make sure we have a good supply of fresh towels on hand." -Hutch

"Random Thought -
Tonight I managed to identify "Wayne's World" by a 2-second snippet of the girl singing in a band and "Some Kind of Wonderful" (*awesome* movie, btw, for all you not-obsessed-with-the-80s people) by a 2-second snippet of one of the characters playing the drums, when all you can see are the drumsticks and two drums, not the character. I need to get out more." -Sarah

"Besides, I think that one of the bonuses for teaching is the *need* for therapy, so hey, you'd think we'd be experts... "Seriously, Doctor, I thought I was going to make a decent living in this profession - you know, work 8-3, have my summers free, release the untapped potential of our nation's youth... Why are you laughing?"" -Sarah

"I saw one tonight for the next ep, and it definitely didn't have all the shippy goodies. Just Zhaan looking like a potato that had been left out on the counter too long." -Sarah

"Finally I got to talk to someone and didn't get a blank stare when I mentioned Farscape." -Kevin

"Crichton is Pure Sex
Larraq is PK Sex
and Velorek is 'I'm a nice guy, but it's going to end badly' Sex" -Kathe

"< shakes head > Dear lord, it's spreading. Now with my ep reviews up at the Monjo
Shrine...Kemper and The Monj and the entire freaking cast and crew can read them...which could lead to a shout out on the show. Really Mr. Kemper and Mr. Henson and TBTB, I'd be happy with a shout out, no royalties or nothin! Just call him Dadoo! Warm a little shipper girl's heart." -Kathe

"My friend Matt called last night to try once again to convince me to go out bowling. After telling him that I didn't want to go he was all like, "Oh, I know the reason..one word. Farscape." "Nope, no Farscape tonight. But there is a promo that I *have* to see." Somehow the whole Farscape thing took off on some weird tangent whereby Matt made the discovery that "Farscape promos are like a tetanus booster"." -Kathe

"It did feature a reference to the Donner Party though...gotta give 'em props for that...you just can't go wrong with a reference to our favorite fun-loving American cannibals." -Shaye

"You had to go and mention that again, didn't you...well, I've reached the point in my therapy where I don't think of basketball warmups anymore and can proudly < THUD > to that image with the best of them...
< thud > < thud >" -Shaye

"You can tell the Farscape fans by the shakey hands and glazed-over eyes. The promo is awesome, though...How many other people thought Zhaan looked like an old potato???" -Jessi

"< Rygel > How many Hynerians does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but in the grand old days when I was Dominar, I had thousands of slaves to change every lightbulb for me." -Jessi

"Will you hurt me if I point out that I read ChiaBecca as Chewbacca?" -Lin

"It'd better be continued or "I'll hit you so hard you'll land in another zip code." And if anybody knows where *that* quote came from then I will be more afraid than I can express in words." -Lin

Lin: "I *read* one of them last Saturday! Beat that!"
Natalie: "Oh, yeah, well I read this when I was 10 and still remember the... < sigh > I can't do it. I can't beat that. < hands the trophy to Lin >"
Lin: "Yeah? Well I can remember..... wait! I won? I get the trophy? Wa-hay!!!! < takes trophy graciously without making another Oscar speech 'cause I'm too tired to think of one >"

"Great fic everyone. Really. Keep it up. (Sorry, my enthusiasm got left behind in NYC.)" -Rachel

"I was trying to avoid that convo but since you insist... plain white Hanes. (Good grief. It must be a sign of trust that we are all sharing underwear preferences.)" -Rachel

"Purty pwease, Sarah? With chocolate-covered Larraq clones on top?" -Rachel

"Oh, I just have to go there.
< long pause >
< Natalie sees the list staring at her >
I meant in my head!" -Natalie

"Oh, God, Dadoo flinging a thong across the room..." -Natalie

"Hmmm, I'm thinking we need to pad Natalie in rubber as well as John. I'm worried about the effect all this < thudding > is having on her. Then we could bounce her along like some Shipper Ball. *giggle* Excuse me, I haven't had my morning dose of Histeria! yet." -Kathe

"Maybe if they just mention it in a chat or something, I'd be eternally happy. I could see it hitting the cutting room floor though:
< scene >
John: You know, it sure is nice not to be chased by Dadoo anymore.
Aeryn: Who?
John: Scorpy...Oh nevermind....loooong story. Involves fictional kids that don't look like kids, or anything really, and a guy with a funky accent. They play checkers to bring their brother back to life....
< sees Aeryn more confused than ever >
John: Really, don't worry 'bout it." -Kathe, on "Dadoo" ending up on the show

"I think we're going to have to start a Dadoo Disclaimer or something. Anyway,
here's the genesis of Dadoo the best I can remember it.
Long long ago in a discreet little corner of cyberspace there existed a happy little band of Farscape Shippers that had their own mailing list of the big bad EvilGroups. Everyday after reading their mail they would yell at passers by not to jump into the Chocolate River and...wait, that's the Oompa Loompas...nevermind. Anyway, one day Eris posted this:
> Oh, and they said that when Wayne
> is in his full Scorpy makeup, even though he's the nicest guy, he made some
> kid cry during their lunch hour.
We started batting it around that it was Ben's kids, etc. And then I had to make some comment starting the Dadoo Proper references...
Me, then Nat:
> >Wayne as Scorpy freighting small children (why can I see him doing a
> >Swedish
> >accent and playing Death from Animaniacs? < giggle >)
> Can we call him "dadoo"? < snerk >
then I just come out and dub him:
> That's it, Scorpy is no longer Evil-Ambigously Gay-Leather Fetish-Gingavitis Man That Missed His Nap, he is
> simply Dadoo.
So ever since he's been Dadoo to at least Natalie and I and apparently other's are picking up on it too. This has prolly confused people even more but hey, it was an idea that sprang from my polluted stream of consciousness and then hitched a ride to Natalie's brain...what else would you expect? *g*" -Kathe

"*grrr* I was TOTALLY unaffected by this Dadoo Thong Thread until today. Now I feel the urge to go into Charlton Heston 'Planet of the Apes' mode and raise a ruckus and start yelling about Dr. Zaius and dren." -Kathe

"What have I done?! < g >" -Ekiri, deciding that Dadoo shouldn't strip. Ever.

"*That's* what you guys are all talking about with this "badger" or "gopher" ep talk...
There are so many things wrong with that beard. Aside from the image I now have, thank you very much, of a small furry animal chewing on John's face.
Here's what's wrong from my POV:
1) He looks like he's in a bad version of Julius Caesar. I half expect him to start Mark Antony's 'Friends, Romans, countrymen' speech and could barely curb the impulse to shout, "Toga! Toga! Toga!"
2) What, he couldn't find a sharp rock to shave himself with? The others were cleanshaven, weren't they?
3) He looked like my sophomore biology teacher, Mr. Burke. Mr. Burke was a cool guy, but he informed us all that he was infertile and wore short-sleeved t-shirts OVER his long-sleeve button-up dress shirts. And thinking of Mr. Burke and embodiment of pure sex" in the same moment is just... < shudder >" -Shaye

"Oh, I was listening to "Past Masters Vol. I," by Los Beatles and made an attempt to filk "She's A Woman," but I could only come up with:
"She's a Sebacean
I don't understand
She's a Sebacean
Am I her man?"
And then instead of: "She don't give boys the eye/She hates to see me cry" I came up with:
"She goes for other guys
Somehow, they tend to die"
I know, I'm rusty." -Al

Rachel: " >:P~~ Purty pwease, Sarah? With chocolate-covered Larraq clones on top?"
Sarah: "< Sarah perks up >
Sarah < whispering to Muse >: "Should we confess?"
Muse: "NO! Get the clones *first*!""

"kay Missy -
where is the rest of The Return???
Are you really trying to drive me mad?? I need fic people and not fic that I have written myself.
Fair Warning: either I get at least some news on this story or preferably another chapter or I WILL release my temperamental muse on you and subject you to the first part of the as yet to be finished "Ghosts in the MInd" and you can ask Sarah about my muse, who had left her hanging for months now!" -Gigi

Shaye: "So Hutch, there are definitely worse things you can be a geek about."
Hutch: "Oh yes, I know. I've dated them."

"ROTFL! I can see John trying that one now...
John - "Hey, Sugarpants!"
Aeryn - *thwap* "WHAT did you just call me??"
John -
Aeryn - "Frell, now I have to wait until he's conscious to get an answer..."" -Sarah

"Yup, I wanna quit my job, 'cause it's boring and I can get better, but I need the money. To buy books, cd's and mag's featuring Ben." -Leo

"OKAY, who forgot to give the Muses their Prozac?" -Shaye

"< begin OT story-telling mode. Skip to the next set of stars if you don't want to read this, but I'm need new eps so badly that if I don't sit down and *do* something I'm going to run screaming around the house, which I don't think my parents would appreciate. >" -Becca

"Remind me not to fire my muse -who isn't talking to me again anyway . . . Mine is being a brat - I kept saying "Farscape! We have a deadline!" and she kept coming up with new theories for the West Wing cliffhanger." -Kath

Natalie: "You know, none of this knowledge EVER came to surface until I joined this list..."
Sarah: "Yeah, well, we bring out the best in people, I guess..."

Natalie: "It wasn't a beard, it was a gopher."
Lin: "I thought it was a badger. < shudders at badger imagery >"
Sarah: "Whatever kind of furry rodent it was, it was a *dead* furry rodent."

Hutch: "< Hutch shakes her head. > You ladies have to look up to see the gutter, don't ya? < g >"
Sarah: "And with binoculars, usually..."
Becca: "You mean that pipe thing waaaaaay up there in the sky? I guess so."
Natalie: "It's a good life down here."

"Becca, hon, get some Ritalin for your Muse! Or an elephant traquilizer...." -Hutch

"Anyway, gather around and let Rachel tell you a story.
There was a rather large church. So large in fact that the people who sat in the back pews were unable to hear the priest when he spoke. So everyone thought *really* hard and came up with a solution. They bought the priest a little clip-on microphone that he could wear during the service. Now he could be heard throughout the church and everyone was so happy.
Unfortunately, they did not realize the microphone operated on the same frequency as CB radios. And they forgot about that freeway that ran close by the church. So one day the priest turns around to deliver the finale blessing of the liturgy when suddenly a trucker's voice comes blaring through loud and clear. I do believe the speech was something to the effect of, "God d*mn, mother f***ing son of a b*tch!!"
Hearts stopped, jaws hit the floor, women swooned.
And they never EVER used the microphone again.
The End" -Rachel

"I already have mental images popping in my brain for that: Colonel Klink becomes Dadoo (Damn you, Farscape list!!! [that was a Chuck Heston "Planet of the Apes" kind of yell] I barely even thought to type "Scorpy")" -Al

"Probably the most fun I've had at a chat, and I managed to shock Ben Browder speechless." -Natalie

"Can the cast and crew of Farscape adopt me? I'm a loving daughter and I love them so much." -Dani

"Well, I just missed a Farscape commercial on CNN/Headline News. Yes, I went screaming out of the office at top speed, only to catch the little blue planet logo at the end. < grumble > Now I'm just waiting for my psycho-neighbor to call the cops because she saw me jumping up and down in my living room, screaming Farscape obscenities." -Sarah

Bre: "They seem to suck bigtime. Didn't you guys have a scene in AHR bumped too?"
Sarah: "Oh, only the Morning-After scene. But we're not bitter, oooooooh, nooooooo......"

"We're quite happy in our little reality, you see, and you're all welcome to visit whenever you wish. < softly chanting mantra >" -Sarah

Sarah: "The Moderators liked you! I think we found our Official Shipper Spokesperson for the chats!"
Jayce: "Umm. Can I decline the nomination? You people are nuts!
Kidding...sort of."

"I think I've monopolized the pale and pasty department. We have some white walls at school--pure, nice, painted white. No color. I can put my hand up to one, and there is not one shade of difference. It's really quite scary." -Becca

"Hey, the comment was *perfectly* innocent. It's how your depraved minds interpreted it..." -Hutch

"But last night I spent four hours making these damn cookies for my cultural project. The filling was this caramel pudding, but alas the liquid didn't want to puddingfy...so there I am at 9 pm yelling at a giant saucepan, "Why won't you just become pudding!?" But while cooking I'm trying to figure out what I wanted to where today. "Screw it, just go with the Bad Ass Peacekeeper look." I've adopted it as my look, and thus scared half the population of Tallahassee." -Kathe

"Oh, Mr. Nice-Men-in-White..." -Kathe

"< various levels of shrieking to start us off... >" -Becca

"Jealous much, D'Argo??? Oh, but he's cute when he's jealous! Ferocious, but cute." -Becca

"< imitates Brando in 'Streetcar Named Desire > "Bubbbbbaaaa!"" -Kathe

"So D'Argo's bleeding out of his nose and mouth: how do you stop that? Punch him in the face repeatedly?" -Natalie

"thanks, and tell the your Crais and Scorpy muses that the title was My *FAVORITE* FS things. they aren't some of my favorite things. Velorek, well, he's another story (and probably another filk)" -Aileen

"I get it now! I love the animaniacs! I forgot about the Death and chess match for Wakko's life. It was really funny! How the frell did I forget about the chess match for Wakko's life!!!! < bangs head on wall in frustration > I must be getting OLD!
I'm Yakko, He's Wakko, and I'm CUTE!" -Aileen

"If he's really dead, then why has he been bitching at me to finish this fic for the past month, huh?" -Natalie on Larraq

"Home on the Remaaaaaaains! Where the Luxans and Nebari plaaaaaaay....." -Corde

"Another quote from my mom, from right after the intro:
Mom: "Why doesn't she (Zhaan) just eat a dentic?"
Me: < exasperated sigh > "haven't you been paying attention? You can't EAT a dentic!"
< pause >
Mom: < muttering > "PUPPET ate it..." Tinka and I were ROTFL" -Corde

"Did anyone else notice that the mineshafts were um, Moya's corridors, only covered with pink sheets? Way to recycle those K-Mart sets, Tim!" -Corde

"What's BB doing during the hiatus? Entering the summer Olympics in Sydney, of course! He'll be the favorite in Jumping-Over-Ugly-Creature Gymnasics." -Corde

Becca: "< Becca takes an ax and a sonic grenade, then demolishes the D/Z >vs. D/C fence >
I'm glad I was already on the D'Argo/Chiana side... :)"
Kevin: "I'm glad I wasn't even anywhere near the fence. Those sonic grenades hurt! :)"
Izzy: "I on the other hand... *rubs ears and behind* Owwwwwwwwww. Just when I was
getting comfortable too. I am sick of jumping. I'm not moving anymore. I am sitting right here on the border marking...."

"Remember me saying the only thing exciting that's ever happened at school was the gingerbread men fire?
Well, I've got another one. Wednesday (read-last day of school) someone brought this cardboard box filled with salamanders to school. I'm talking about 50 of them. Supposedly whoever had them tripped and spilled all 50 into the hallway. It was an interesting hunt. Major *smack* to the idiots who thought it was fun to step on the poor things.
Anyway, one of the salamanders was rescued by two guys from my class. They kept him in a plastic cup until 5th period art. Then they decided "Fred" needed a bigger home. So art turned into building a salamander condo. I think the point where they tried to beg part of a sponge off the teacher to use as a bed for Fred was when I started questioning whether I had shifted to a parallel universe. < g >" -Rachel

"No, seriously. It's in Cristin's rulebook somewhere. "Thou shalt not restrain the mouth of any shipper for fear of preventing a hysterically funny comment from emerging." My hand- er...arms are tied." -Rachel

"::yawn:: I tell you what, dealing with pomp, circumstance and your extended family all in the same day wipes you out COMPLETELY." -Shaye

"And guys, the Dadoo thing has come around to bite me in the eema. I was flipping past Nickelodeon yesterday and came across Animaniacs, and for some reason my brain hopped on a train to the episode where they spoofed The Maltese Falcon, and when you remember the titles of the Look at the Princess trilogy, I think you know what station my brain got off at. " -Natalie

Natalie: "It is way too late, and I find myself laughing hysterically at this... Mostly because I'm picturing Sarah trying to pet the keedva behind the ears."
Sarah: "Good thing I didn't mention scratching the keedva on his belly, now, isn't
it? Wonder if John coulda made his leg kick..."

"Okay, now it's obviously late *here*, and I should go to bed before anything else leaks straight from my brain and out of my fingers..." -Sarah

"Kathe-vations: Home on the Remains (where the keeva and budong play)" -Kathe

"FIC! Somebody? Bueller?" -Hutch

"I try to lurk. I really do. But I just can't keep my opinions to myself." -Jayce

"I guess that makes you a ficLawyer instead? Oh, wait, just a different kind of monster. Never mind." -Jayce

"I'm too lazy to cut and paste right now. Therefore I will merely hope y'all have a (hidden) memory." -Al

"I'm an Aerynthudder, and I'm okay,
I sleep all night and I < thud > all day." -Al

Kathe: "Very Southern concept, you can eat *anything* if it's fried. He's not kidding."
Dani: "::glances into kitchen:: Yep. I'm half afraid to ask whet my mom's cooking

"oh, and my absolute favorite part of all was when Chia came out in the very tight--(ouch! she looked like she was getting crushed!) outfit. LOL... It's like those old cartoons, a scantly clad lady (as much as they could in the 40's/50's) comes on stage, and the guys start howling like wolves.... and there's the wife/Girlfriend in the back with steam coming from her ears... "... and you get to play with your favorite... little... tralk"--lol... I could see the steam coming from Aeryn's ears!!" -Shan

"**Takes the remains of the fence, builds a mini-fence, and sits down on it** I
really like it up here. I have a wonderful view. I could rule up here. I declare this my kingdom." -Izzy

"However, I did speak to Richard Manning in the #farscape chat room again tonight, and he said:
< Corde > Rayne tells me that you told Monj about the
shrine... what'd he say?
< FrooniumRicky1 > he's been lording it over us all
< Corde > Ha!
< FrooniumRicky1 > When we disagree with him in a story
conference, he says "do YOU have a SHRINE?"
< Corde > For some reason, I'm not surprised.
Then I asked about the chat, and Ricky said:
< FrooniumRicky1 > Someone from Publicity was taking
photos of all of us chatting,
< FrooniumRicky1 > and Monj immediately ducked out of
the room
< Corde > Aw, and he didn't want his picture taken?
< FrooniumRicky1 > no. when I pointed out it'd be good
to have his pic on his Shrine, he suggested I send 'em
a nice pic of him giving everybody the finger; that's
just the kind of sweetie he is.
LOL! Monj is my hero." -Corde

"Congrats on graduating, Kath!!!!!!
< throws more confetti >
< looks down to see confetti piling up past her ankles >
Hmm, maybe we should vaccuum this place once in a while....." -Sarah

"< falls off fence and seeks medical attention >" -Ekiri

"Just ignore me, my 'friend' called me up this morning (okay, so it was 10:30am but I didn't go to bed until after 3am anyway) and woke me up to say "It's a beautiful day, get dressed and come over." My brain (??? I have a brain?) is not working today." -Lin

"Lurking is so much less fun than 'twittering inconsequentially' (my biology teachers description of me talking) and getting quoted for it < g >" -Lin

"I'd suggest that you and your muse seek professional help, but I don't want either of you to stop!" -Hutch

"I almost wrote 'Bali', but I wasn't sure I had the listjoke right. Oh, the joys of being a newbie..." -Hutch

"I admit to buying Bali brand underwear because the name of it makes me giggle." -Natalie

"We love our Peacekeeper captain! (And despite what Hutch says, he's alive and well and saying "decca".)" -Natalie

"Some Python quoting going on in recent digests. Must... stop... urge... to.... quote... can't... say... the... Black... Knight.... always.... triumphs... no... must... not... dark... side... must... be... resisted...." -Al

"It was sent out every week or two so that newbies didn't have all that much time
to get confused wondering just who in hezmana Dadoo is or why Natalie and others are tempting Coma-tic (original word, Copyright Kathe 2000) Fate by < thudding > all over the place." -Kathe

Jayce: "Can anyone tell me how and when "THUDding" began? I see that term a lot on this list."
Natalie: "Larraq in a breakaway commando uniform.
< drool >
< thud >
< Natalie's family fans her back from unconsciousness >
There, you got a demonstration!"

"Today's "budong" is "trout." Trout. Trout. Trout.
Now it looks very misspelled." -Al

"< hands Sarah a MiniVac > Go right ahead! and when you're done, could you make my bed too? You know it's so hard to with this straightjacket...." -Shan

"< reads the part with Velorek and falls on the floor laughing hysterically >
okay now... my mom is carting me off to the hospital to get those nice, big, white pills. I wonder when she'll realize they don't work?" -Shan

"(Complain, complain, complain. Anyone else notice that I MiST my own posts?)" -Jen

"< Sarah ducks as the fic monsters swarm around Nikki >
You have no idea of the wrath you have just invited upon yourself..." -Sarah

Lin: "< Lin showers the list with thousands of cookies; choc chip, walnut, M&M, atmeal..... >"
Sarah: "Wheeeeeee! < Sarah flips her umbrella upside-down and starts catching as many cookies as she can >"

"Ooh! Okay, that's it. Aeryn gets a science lesson! Dammit. < beats off Muse > NO!" -Shaye

"great... you know what, if you hear in the news:
"car on I-95 driven into ditch just south of Cafe Erotica's club. The only words the driver spoke was "Dadoo!" while laughing hysterically"... just know that you were responsible." -Shan

"< sigh > How do you charm an eternal cynicist into thinking into engaging a brain where Farscape is concerned?" -Becca

"Oh, hell. Now I'm seeing the characters as trout. There's John Trout in the black T; and Aeryn Trout over there with the long black hair, gorgeous scales, and an underwater pulse rifle; and Zhaan's a blue trout. D'Argo Trout's got tentacles a la a catfish's whiskers, and...okay, I did NOT need to see Rygel Trout, thankyouverymuch, Mind o' Mine!" -Becca

Shan: "I kept on forgetting that you are talking about your *car*! lol...had this weird image in my head...
Crais: "Talyn, put in the Coors CD... the song "runaway"..."
< snerk >"
Natalie: "As long as no one starts referring to me as Crais. He wears that dress much better than I ever could."

"pills, pep pills, who's got pep pills, i'm not hyper maybe a little no way you cant have these well maybe some nice colours of pills pep pills pep wanna fight no i do no i don't yes maybe no fun jumping where's the pills oh there they are yum pills good need more..." -Chipper

"Some of you maybe wondering where I've been for the last few weeks (I heard the term RL hell mentioned) < pause > You didn't even know I was gone, did you? That's ok, I wrote a short story explaining what happened. Evilgroups and the government might edit or censor some of it though.
It all started when I took a walk one evening. < censor censor > space ship < censor censor censor > pretty colors < censor censor censor censor censor censor censor censor censor > totally unbelievable < censor censor censor > Larraq! < censor censor > leather pants < censor > < thud > < censor censor censor censor censor censor > < EG > < censor censor censor censor censor censor censor > < thud! > < censor censor censor censor censor censor > ! < censor censor censor censor > < thuding > myself into a coma. < eg > < censor censor censor censor > clothes back on < censor censor censor >
And that was when < censor censor censor > attacked < censor censor censor > barely made it out < censor > our lives < censor censor > dropped me back home < censor censor censor > say good bye! Of course I didn't want to!
< censor censor censor > passionately < censor censor censor censor censor censor censor censor censor censor censor censor censor censor > and I had the best time :)
And that's where I've been.
Okay, I exaggerated, a little, about the fuzzy pink handcuffs." -Eva

"Trout. Yeah, you're right, it does look weird after a while." -Ekiri

"ITA, though The Geek does rank right up there...esp. the entrance on the bus. I swear, that movie resembles my HS years *way* too closely. You think the fact that he was Yosh was scary? Wait till you here me actually do "Oh, Sexy Girlfriend!" and
I'll admit right now that it's a secret ambition of mine to drop out of a tree wearing a kimono and fall on some incredibly cute guy. "Oh DK, Com. Sexy Sidebuuuuurns..."" -Kathe, on Long Duk Dong

"My friends are more rabid about the pronunciation that I am, to tell the truth. After my name was mispronounced at Convocation, I had all these people coming up
and telling me how bad they felt about it. I had no idea that many people knew who I was. Guess it pays to be a heinous bitch sometimes." -Kathe

"There's actual scientific research into why so many French Horn players have problems with their eyeballs bleeding after playing too many high notes. As a Horn player, I can honestly tell you I was less than impressed about going to rehearsal after reading *that* article. Although we had a great time yelling "My eyeballs are bleeding, my eyeballs are bleeding!" when we didn't like the arrangement." -Sarah

"Okay, so I don't *like* the idea that they had sex in AHR, okay? They weren't ready for it, their relationship wasn't ready for it, etc. I can hold on to my delusions that it was not sex, if only by the Clinton Definition! YES! I am delusional! Whoo hoo!" -Cristin

"Much as this looks wrong, Ryg looks really good." -Becca

"First of all, another Star Wars alert: did anyone else think the planet looked an awful lot like Courescant (sp?) from Episode I? < Becca, you can ignore this, you mutant outgrowth, you ;} >" -Shaye

"The people in the TV are my friends. They piss me off a lot less than the ones I actually know." -Natalie

"Dammit, Natalie, now I'm seeing Dadoo wearing an apron pulling brownies out of the oven. It's a little frilly apron and completely clashes with his leather-fetishist attire.
Oh, and look...it's Crais, his...life partner? Coming home in his PK uniform after a hard day at work...?
< shudder > Okay, I'm changing the channel, I don't care what it takes." -Shaye

"No, Becca, don't filter your brain! It's no fun and it would result in far less QL fodder." -Shaye

"< J&A separate from their beautiful but too-short kiss >
John: Hey, it a commercial break. You wanna have sex?
Aeryn < shrugs >: Why not? They'll never know! I was going to get a snack, but I'm not really that hungry." -Shaye

"I have decided to re-name the new puppy (well not a puppy anymore) Stupid Barking Dog...sounds like an Indian name.... Well, first he goes out and barks at the fence, then when he gets bored with that, he'll walk around the yard and just *bark*...at absolutely NOTHING!!!!!--so, he is now Stupid Barking Dog" -Shan


"Sweet sassy molassy, it's only been 2 days since we got a new Farscape and I'm already going through withdrawls. You know how most people get the shakes? I get the sillies. Oh well." -Shaye

"Thanks Becca. I didn't need to see any of the characters as trout. It's very hard to < thud > for trout." -Shaye

"I am in high school in Illinois, I am interested in neuroscience(::pauses and thinks for a bit:: ok, that just sounds wrong...especially coming from a 16 year old
< shudders >)" -Ellie

"You might be on the Farscape Shippers list when-
At an after work barbeque the following happens:
(female worker leaves with a "friend.")
Coworker: "Who was that guy with Jane?"
Another coworker: "She called him her 'friend.'"
Me: "Yeah, they're 'umfriends.'" < snickers >
Everyone else: < silence >
Me: < thinking > "Well, I know plenty of people who would've gotten that.... man, I need a life."" -Al

"And another thing, this promo for the upcoming series' on SciFi (that biography thing looks like a weird mix of "A&E's Biography" with "Behind the Music") with those one line teasers? You know, with the biography tease, the Invisible Man tease, etc. All those one-liners are catchy, except for "Farscape: Ride on a
living ship." What the heck kind of boring line is _that_? It should've been "Farscape: Thud the night away."" -Al

"I go out of town for a few stinkin' days... my cable goes out all weekend, meaning that I taped 2 hours of fuzz on Friday, so I've been avoiding reading anything on this list or the bboards. I finally decided to venture out and check the non-spoiler posts and discover that this list has developed a sudden obsession with trout while I was gone. < Hutch scratches her head >" -Hutch

"I should run, really, but I find my feet frozen to the virtual ground. < shrugs > Oh well! I'm not even gonna bother with the straight jacket. Besides, it doesn't match the little white coat." -Hutch

"You Know You've Been on the Shippers List Too Long When:
I was driving down the road, listening to my Dido CD, singing along with the words "If you were a king, up there on your throne, would you be...." when I thought, Hey. Subjunctive."" -Shaye

"Hi Ellie! This is me trying to do the Walmart hostess thing, let's see if it works. So that's who you are...cool... I'm Shaye. I don't really have a distinctive identity around here, though I was awarded Corde's Bagel of Achievement. On some lists I'm considered most insane. Not here." -Shaye

Jayce: " Let's see ... Rygel doing a striptease, wearing a snowsuit over a clown suit over a pink disco suit over a kilt over leather speedos ... while wearing a showercap ... with John singing "Dream a Little Dream of Me" ... with D'argo as the bouncer (hey, would YOU cause any trouble with him standing there?) ... while Aeryn, Chiana and Zhaan watch, stuffing food cubes down his ........"
Shaye: "< violent siezing results >"
Jayce: "Is anyone else screaming yet?"
Shaye: "I'm too busy having a siezure."

"*thunk* < Sarah peeks over the edge of the desk > Ooh, don't make me laugh so much; the floor's hard..." -Sarah

"This is a test. This is a test of the Emergency EvilGroups system. (EEG...heh.)" -Shaye

"I put a mint in my root beer. (My mom wants to know why. Like "I don't know" isn't a good enough answer.)" -Natalie

"Hey, don't worry. Shippers are calm, rational, normal people.
< Natalie tries to look Jeff in the eye while keeping a straight face >
< Natalie gives up >
I just can't do it. I can't lie that badly!"

"Ohhhhhh. That's funny, but I don't want in my head. Out! Out with you, foul image!" -Ekiri

"Ever since I joined this list, it seems like I'm saying sorry to my mom all the time... (the computer is in the same area as the Cable TV) She's trying to watch her
Soaps and I'm making weird noises over here... She just gives the look... It's one of those perfected Teacher/Mother glares... and why should I apologize???--is it a crime to < snerk > < giggle > ROFLOL?? No!!
< stands on computer chair >
Mom: Shan, get down.
Me: Why?
< Chair begins to wobble >
< Shan loses balance and falls face first onto floor >
Mom: That's why.
Me: Ouch." -Shan

"What a weird um... experience... you guys should try it!! Wanna get an Ear Kiss just like John in MtB?? then go and rub your ear against a *turned on* TV antenna... freaked me out the first time, then I tried it again and it feels really weird... or it might just be me. hehe" -Shan

"Jayce describes a hideous stripping scene -
You are horrible and cruel and I now feel the strongest urge to Lysol my monitor. < shudder >" -Sarah

"an ear kiss from a TV? Are you really that desperate hon?" -Lin

"And don't say a 16-year-old interested in neuroscience is weird. We live for weird. Hell, at 16, I shouldn't be so anal-retentive about grammar, but I still use my little red pen in published novels (because apparently NO ONE in the publishing industry has heard of a LINE EDITOR!!!!)." -Becca

"I've been online too long. My eye is twitching." -Shaye

"Will the real Slim Shady *please* shoot himself?" -Shaye

"I've never heard my posts described as a dieting aid before." -Jayce

"My knight in shining armor is lost in the woods and he's too stubborn to ask for directions." -Shan

"I'm warning you all ahead of time, if anyone, and I mean *anyone* takes a picture of my butt, I will have to kick you in the head." -Natalie

"Sheesh! Like I don't have high blood pressure enough from my job, SOME PEOPLE have to pick the darndest places to create cliffhangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -Kath

"I made a clay DRD!!!! Unfortunately they wouldn't let me fire it. That didn't stop me going up to the teacher, giving her puppy-dog eyes and saying "Can we keep him? Please?"" -Stacy

"FS Merchandise: I'm getting that shot glass. Now I can drunkely spread FS at college parties this fall. "It's a great show. They've got little worm things...they're kinda minty. And a blue chick!"" -Kathe

Becca: "Triangles BAD!!!! HATE TRIANGLES!!!!!"
Kathe: "First time I read this I thought, "Dude, chill. It's only geometry," and then just threw it in the pile of mutant-ness with TPB and the Beatles."

"I was telling my sister this morning how much the Monkeys show corrupted my friends and I as kids. To this day when we go to the beach we run up to the water and then run away, just like in the credits. How much acid was dropped when they wrote that show, I wanna know." -Kathe

"Make the Muse stop. Make her stop. I can't write this, I have job inteviews! " -Natalie

"You turn on 'As the World Turns' to see if you can spot Paul Leyden. Then in walks Mr. PK Captain himself *shirtless*. Your second thought (the first one being "Hello floor!") is, "How are we ever gonna get Natalie and Sarah out of their comas?"" -Rachel

Natalie: "I will have my DRD. Oh, yes. I will have my DRD."
Rachel: "All I want for Christmas is my DRD..."

""This is the Royal Rubber Ducky! You are not worthy to touch him!!"" -Rachel

"Oh lord. Rygle as Indian Jones complete with the hat. Cracking the whip... Breath, Rach. Breathing is good.
Frell breathing.
Ooooo, I'm floating away. Bright light..." -Rachel

"I leave for four days, FOUR DAYS, mind you, and when I get back there is over 400k of shipper mail in my box! Me, being the smart little girl that I am, decide to ignore the problem for a few more days, hoping it will go away (yeah, right) until there is over 900k of mail. Then I get wise, delete nearly 600k of it unread, and leave the rest for tomorrow. Smart, eh? I always knew I'd grow up to be a rocket scientist." -Corde

"I'm still bitter that they're not in Webster. "What do you *mean*, they don't list 'fellip nectar'???"" -Sarah on Farscape words

"Atari! Tachikara! Mitsubishi! Egg roll! Wait, no, that's not right..." -Sarah

"AHR in my top five eps is because of the end. Imagine if you were Aeryn.
Imagine that you DID just make love to John...< starting to thud > No, Shaye, stay on topic. You're discussing something here." -Shaye

"< makes yet *another* note on the Mutant Outgrowth Chart > Boy, I'm batting a thousand tonight, aren't I?" -Becca

"Holy DRDs! I'm done, and caught up, and, and...wow! (This is a new feeling for Becca. Let her bask a moment.)" -Becca

"It made sense to the shipper haze in *my* brain." -Shaye

"< waves back like a crazy person...wait, what do I mean *like*? >" -Shaye

"I finally used a Farscape quote at work < happy dance > I'm kinda known at work for quoting movies, Voyager, X-Files, Friends, all sorts of shows... and today I was having a really screwy day, with loads of people asking me questions I didn't know he answer to and members of the public shouting at me etc. when I just suddenly complained, "It's should be easy. It's never EASY!" I quoted an episode I haven't even seen yet < g >" -Lin

You’re such a mutant. Beatles. Star Wars. Princess Bride. Harrison Ford. Next you’re going to say chocolate tastes funny." -Al

"Martha Stewart was on Dave the other night. Kept thinking: “Gotta get her sucked through a wormhole.”" -Al

"Okay, I know for a fact that # 34 is Anna's. Yes, I'm answering for my psycho twin as she rides shotgun on my little sib's game of "Life"." -Theresa

"Although my mom now insists that she knows all the character's names... she thinks Crichton and Rygel are the same person, and that his name is Riker. She refuses to believe that Rygel has a name of his own; he is "Puppet." And she wants to know how much makeup that blue guy is wearing (Pilot)." -Corde

"On that note, I've got another list.
YKYSCFFMW (You Know You've Successfully Converted a Friend or Family Member When): Your dad calls you at work to ask how Chiana's name is spelled because he's setting up a server (that's a kind of computer for you non-geeks) and wants to name it that. He then asks if you have any good pictures of her, because he wants to use one for wallpaper. I'm AT WORK when he does this, and I'm standing there saying, "C H I... no, C H, Dad... okay, C H I A N A. One N. Two A's. Right," as my boss is looking
at me strangely. Thank Monj we didn't have any customers right then." -Corde

"So when are we gonna be able to see pictures of Snurch? We'd like to actually see one, since we didn't actually make one. We just brainstormed the blueprints, and are still waiting on a mouse. We're trying to hurry along the death of Anna's Mac so we have something to experiment on." -Theresa and Anna

"Fight it, fight the keedva, fight the future!" -Aileen

"At Aileen's suggestion I'm sending out the Newbie Primer again. This should help those newbies, maybe as well as some of those 'Shippers we just got back in the fold. We're not a cult, really. Want a cookie? Kool Aid?" -Kathe

"for all of you still sitting on the fence, your just keeping yourself in an uncomfy position... I wouldn't want to straddle a fence... and those of you on the "they didn't" side... you must be very happy in denial land < g > WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?!?!?!?!?!?" -Shan

"I can just picture Kermit replacing the Scifi bitch: "We become Farscape."" -Natalie

"I think I had some amusing anecdote to put here. I've forgotten it now." -Shaye

"Trout is for everything, darling. We've been troutified." -Shaye

"It was Monj. And Monj is God. Therefore... sex was had by all. See!?" -Lin

"The ad at the top of the digest:
> Life's too short to send boring email.
Pally, you're obviously advertising on the wrong list." -Al

"An explanation about all the trout, (oh look, I’m a poet and I don’t even give a damn) for the new people:
There is no explanation for the trout. It just is. It is an odd-sounding word that, if you say (or see) enough times, ceases to be comprehensible." -Al

"Cariel, you can join Becca in the non-Beatle-liking Mutant Outgrowth corner. Actually, Becca needs to stand in so many corners she should just stand in a cube." -Al

"This Muppets thing is getting out of hand. I had Dadoo, Frog *and* Pig nagging at me trying to fall asleep last night. I begged them to leave me alone seeing as how I wanted to capture the image of Nicholas Brendon in my head for as long as humanly possible but noooo, the pig just had to go on and on about how the frog was paying way too much attention to the chick with the gun while the pig herself was clamped tightly around John's lower leg. I almost told her that just a little higher was a much nicer location but then I thought better of it. Meanwhile Dadoo just sat there and smiled at me, knowing that his work as an evil S&M Pixie was done for the night. Creep." -Kathe

"Random Kathe Factoid: I got the Foot in Mouth Award from my yearbook staff in HS. Lovely dears they were." -Kathe

"Should I be embarrassed that that's my favourite drink name? A Sloe Comfortable Screw Against a Brick Wall....
Okay, moving on now." -Kathe

"Muses care not about human needs such as sleep, hunger, and sanity." -Hutch

"Oh, the whole list is gonna be sorry when they see what your crabby Muse and my PMS-influenced Muse cooked up." -Hutch

"I can't even imagine. "Okay, commercial break. John, Aeryn, you know what to do!" -Shaye

"Does it make you feel better or worse to know that I rented Muppets from Space last night in order to facilitate my writing of the FS/Muppets fic?" -Shaye

"Dani? You 'ship for *wrestling*???" -Becca

"I've had a few of those kind of crushes where the likelihood of it actually happening is up there with Natalie suddenly declaring Larraq 'unattractive'." -Rachel

"< THUD > Oh sorry, I was going to say something here but I forgot when I read Eva's version of where the hot fudge sauce is supposed to goon Larraq . . . < THUD > Uh, was I saying something?" -Aileen

"I don't think they let you bring the big radio ones. If it wasn't for the wonderful thing called a Walkman, I'd never get through a plane ride without tearing out the hair of the person next to me for entertainment." -Natalie, on whether you can bring CD players on an airplane

Rachel (to Natalie's Muse): "Why hello. I hear you're depriving me of fic. Why don't you come over here so we can *chat*."
Natalie: "< Natalie pulls up a chair and some popcorn to watch, carrying a sign reading "AURORA CHAIR, ALL THE WAY!" >"

Rachel: "I have *no* idea. I mean, Nat's muse is such an angel after all."
Natalie: "She was, until she started hanging out with the wrong crowd < glares at Sarah's muse > Now I'm thinking of selling her into slavery in some third world nation."

"Theresa M (Smushybutt) then gave me a special CD, which has of all things - THE SCENE on it - (guess what I brought to work). OHMYGOD!!!!! The fence can now be torn down - if you are on it or on the "they didn't do it side" . . . welcome to reality!! OHMYGOD!!" -Gigi

"FOR SALE: 13 yr old Muse with sadistic bitch tendencies, may be manic. Good condition, well-rested from several trips to Bali. Will hit on any man w/Aussie accent. For free OBO. Call Natalie @ 1-800-4GO-AWAY.
WANTED: New Muse. Allergic to sun, hates travel. Exp. in the Farscape and Buffy fandoms pref, will train. Call Natalie @ 1-800-NEW-MUSE." -Natalie

"< sigh > Kim was *suppose* to give you one except she ran off to Europe. < glares at the straitjacket with the 'Back in 7 Weeks' sign on it >" -Rachel

congratulations on your new job? Oh, sorry, I meant, I'm sorry you got a new job. Wait, that didn't sound right either. oh frell, you know what I mean." -Aileen

"Well hey, I'll go ahead and say it.
Don't care, as long as he's in *my* lap." -Sarah, on what kind of laptop John would be

Felicity: "Me too!!!!! They're so cute! They're always fighting, which, in my insane opinion, makes them the perfect couple."
Shaye: "Insane? How is that insane? *Doesn't* it make the perfect couple?"

"Well, I think I've got more to reply to, but my sister *did* tell me she needed the computer at 1 AM. We're such bats." -Shaye

"See above, snurch away. Thanks for the Larraq, btw. Now, I want to be alone... < thud >" -Lin

Natalie: "(Considering I turned 20 not even a week ago... Dammit, there goes the hormonal teenager excuse!)"
Becca: "< laughs and points > Hey, use my hormonal teenager excuse. It's not like I'm usuing it. And I've still got three and a half years to go before it runs out."

"hehehe, I'm getting RL whipped!" -Aileen

"Okay, I'm trying reallyreally hard not to taunt you guys, but I just have to do it... < sticks out tongue and points and laughs > Neener neener neener! I'm going to Iowa and you aren't! (Obviously, this doesn't apply to Sarah, Cristin, Natalie, Kathe, Shaye and Rachel.)" -Corde

"< looks at what Corde wrote >
Hee. I'm becoming more and more inclined to think of this ShipperCon as a mystical
convergence of all things wacky and snarky....that cold blow up Iowa..." -Kathe

"HEY! Y'all were darn happy when *your* Muses weren't cooperating and I sent *my* Muse along to help encourage them. Lots of fic resulted. Oooh, thankful you were then. Glowing recommendations you gave her. Proud I was. Good grief, I'm channeling Yoda...." -Sarah

"< whapping Muse across the back of the head ala D'Argo-to-Rygel in BtbW >
"Remember that one? Hmmmmm???? That was back when you gave me *ideas*. For *one* fic at a time. And we worked on them, and got them done within reasonable amounts of time. Yeah, I defended you, but you watch it or I'll put you up for sale like Natalie did. That's partially your fault, you know... Don't give me that. Don't even think about it. Remember that S:AaB Muse you scared into the closet when you showed up? Finding that Morgan-list and the Shane/Nathan page has inspired her, and she's working up her courage to come after you - if you're not careful, your primo-#1 spot is history, toots."
< Sarah looks sheepishly around list >
Sorry about that..." -Sarah

"Okay, that's going to be it from me for a while. Stop cheering." -Sarah

"My father about Lexx: "Why don't they just admit they spelled it wrong?"" -Ekiri

"John, stop whacking Rygel in your body. Bruises are not our friends." -Anna and Theresa

"Thanks to Sabine, and oh yeah they got the Nookie on! < gets sledgehammer >
Everybody off the fence, this little debate is over. Come on get off! < looks
a few stubborn shippers > GET OFF!! < starts smashing fence > Wow you guys should try this, this will definatly help my stress level!" -Rayne, after seeing the missing scene

"As I hate spoiler space I will only say: I love this show. OoTM simply rocked. Haven’t laughed that hard at the show since the first viewing of “Dried Food Rectangles Have No Consequence.”" -Al

"Sadly enough, I’ve realised my muse is… trout. I hadn’t written any Farscape fic/filk until about a month or so ago… when the trout reared its ugly head. So your muses may be insane, or in Bali, sadistic, or whatever… mine is a fish." -Al

"“What did you say Lassie? Some kids are trapped in the barn?”
“And it’s on fire?”
“Started by a lightning strike which caused the old tree to catch on fire and a branch broke off and landed in the barn?”
“And we need a 15-foot ladder because the 12-footer’s too small because of the upper window that’s shaped like an isosceles triangle?”
“And you say-“
“Dude, shut up and pass the moonshine.”" -Al

"I was talking to the guy who’s getting married the same weekend as Scapercon and the following occurred:
Me: “Be sure to let me know if it [the wedding] gets canceled because I have something else to do that weekend.”
Him: “Okay, I’ll let you know.”
Since there's no chance the wedding will in fact be canceled, I plan on drinking margarita shooters and eating plenty of trout, or pizza, that weekend. And no trout pizza." -Al

"i love crichton. the leather pants help with that..." -Joanne

"Sarah, hon, a leash. Your Muse needs some form of restraints. And a locked cell." -Hutch

"Your Muse hits HARD." -Hutch to Sarah

"Oh! My official ShipperCon YKY:
YKYBWTMFW: While praying to the porcelian gods at 6:30 AM the first morning of the con, you think, "Why can't *I* vomit red jello?"
Alternately, YKYetc: You're actually kinda proud you were the one to puke at ShipperCon. Quite appropriate, actually." -Shaye

"I've spent the day reading Daria fanfic and episode transcripts. I feel this intense need to make sarcastic comments now." -Becca

"Oh, so the trout is all *my* fault. I see how it's gonna be. Well, you can just take your trout and... < trails off > < giggle >" -Becca

"And for being a mutant who hates four of the coolest movies, the best band, and Indiana Jones (among other things), you earned a few points back with that filk.
Till the next time you express your extreme dislike of The Fab- how can you? Don’t answer that. Just whap me with an aquatic creature for constantly mentioning that. Not like I’ll stop." -Al

"Check it out, DRD photo lab! I don't just want a DRD anymore, I want one that can take and make pictures!!!" -Natalie

"So if they're having sex during commercial breaks, then what do the credits mean??? (Who was the one that suggested orgy?)" -Natalie

"*g* Anyway, I've got to go. I have work tomorrow (what, again? when does this _end_??)" -Kelli

"ShipperCon: A Journey of Concentrated Strangeness and Intense Oddity Alternately titled "Iowa: It's Exactly Like Indiana, But Different. No Wait, I was Right the First Time. It's Exactly Like Indiana."" -Corde

"Corde + Tinka + 6 hours in a car + funny license plates = one very distressed mother. She kept screaming from the back seat, "I wanna drive! Pull over before you kill us! Stop laughing and drive the CAR!" And that was before we even got to Iowa." -Corde

"We were the last ones there, and we dropped our stuff in room 122 (as far as possible away from room 307, where all the fun stuff happened [my mom was incredibly grateful for that]) and dashed upstairs to meet everyone. We knocked on the door and ran, just for kicks, but since there was nowhere to hide in the hallway, they found us pretty quick. My mom took one look at the group of shippers and ran like hezmana for the relative safety of room 122. My poor mother." -Corde

"Back at the hotel, we sat in the Party Room (Sarah's) and talked until 4 a.m. We all discovered that we are insane, but we weren't surprised by that relevation." -Corde

"ScaperCon in St. Louis is gonna kick eema (no, Sarah, not your toy)" -Corde

"deep down, you always figured d'argo to be that kind of guy...once he steers from the klingon like persona, you notice the teddy bear within." -Joanne

"Around noon we took a break to go on a food run (poor Shaye having forcefully ejected all food from her body earlier that morning, the hard way), where I got a new muse! Squishy the Spastic Tree Frog, in an Arby's kid's meal of all places. He's currently dangling from my light fixture by one leg, swaying in the breeze and drooling bad fic ideas. I don't think he'll be any better than Bongo was, but he's smaller, so I can throw him farther." -Corde

"Back from Iowa! To the others at the con: "I LOVE YOOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!"
To everyone else: okay, time to dish the dirt." -Natalie

"Oh, my God. Dude, do you mind if I laugh at your pain? Because I think my Muse's spleen is going to burst from laughing so hard." -Natalie

"The biggest dilemma for the following two hours between airings of "Shoot it like a gun" was, "Should we make a Harry Potter run now, or later?" We decided on later. I don't know if this was a wise decision, shippers running around a 24-hr Wally-world with a fresh dosage of Out of Their Minds stemming through their veins." -Tinka

"I'm officially stating my complaint that, after two days with these 7 shippers, EVERYONE else is exceedingly boring." -Tinka

"< thinking of D'Argo's Hips >
< snerk >
You know what I mean!!" -Shan

"Ack! I'm gonna kill this frelling muse! " -Angie

"Denial is my home state." -Lin

"It's a frelling *conspiracy* isn't it?!?!? Everybody is making me CRY!!!! < sob >" -LIn

Natalie: "You have a list of people who have to go to Hawaii?"
Sarah: "It was easy. I went to egroups, found the 'shippers list, went to "Members"
and hit "Print"... ;)
Note: I am kidding. But if I wanted a list of people who have to go to Hawaii, that's what I'd do."

Kathe: "Oh, that was me about six years ago. My evolution went as such: Non-Girl,
Girl, Little Sister [w/ requisite pats on the head], and then finally something
along the lines of Booty. Yea!"
Shaye: "Non-Girl, Snooty Girl, That Weird Girl/Brain and Drama Queen (these all
came at once), then something along the lines of ‘She may be good looking but damn she’s scary.’"

Becca: "I think I'd make plans to get the frell out of that kissing room, thanks... < gack >
Kathe: "I can see Becca stepping in to the pheromone drenched room and either turning on her heel or going into convulsions right on the spot."
Becca: "Probably both. I'd get halfway out the door and fall down, then have to get paramedics to drag me out and give me an IV of...um...anti-hormone...stuff."

"< looks up endangered species list, adds "DRD" after bald eagle and California Heron >" -Al

"I never said I didn't have thoughts with Aeryn in frosting. It would have to be dark chocolate, you know, to match the leather outfit... mmmmmm... < THUD... Finds flight of stairs, thuds down them... still happy. Thuds up stairs. >" -Al

"< bats off Muse > Okay, this one can happen in my head. I can't write it- it's be Cordefic, and I know better than to try. So instead: long talk about the good and
bad of the male species and our own personal hang-ups, we hug, and promise to call each other if we have a problem. That's my coffee talk with Aeryn. (Maybe a little out of character, but deal with it, bucko.) " -Natalie

"So. More about the QL reading. It started out with Becca copying and pasting every dirty comment I made on there to embarrass me. Now I think I'm the only one really quoting, and *I'm* copying and pasting every dirty comment I make on there.
Oh, well. I kinda like Infamy." -Natalie

"< sigh > Yes, I know. I'm a MBTV whore. Gotta problem with that?" -Kathe

"Ha! I have the amazing sounds of my stomach, and Shaye has a multi-talented nose. Dude, we *are* a vaudeville act." -Kathe

"Once again, Corde is the funniest person on Earth. I'm printing this essay out and sticking it for all eternity in my backpack, and taking it to three of my favorite professors this week. Watch, they'll prolly all transfer to U of E just for the chance to have lil ol' Corde in one of their classes. And if FSU doesn't work out, I'm coming to U of E. *g* Hell will be raised." -Kathe

"Oh, holy lord. Tell me you didn't mention "S&M queen" and "Crais" in the same paragraph... Bad images, bad images... < starts rocking back and forth >" -Natalie

"I'm driving myself nuts searching. You should have seen me last night, even going to Toys R Us.com (because it's oh so more convenient than actually *going* to the store and wasting fifteen minutes of my life away from the magical box that is my computer) and even BabiesRUs.com to find anything resembling a stuffed sheep worthy to be called Ioan." -Natalie

"You know how there are people who believe that hell is your worst nightmare? For the last 4 years I've been piecing together what my hell will be. So far it's me on a Stairmaster taking a math test while I'm being hit on my head by my Muse (now Muses) and being forced to listen to Michael Bolton music and all this is happening while Farscape is on and there's a power outage. Now add in Gilina, Kylen, Tess from Roswell, Fiona Bitch Veruca and the Scifi Bitch being the only other people in the room with me.
That's my Aurora Chair. " -Natalie

"Yes, Sean must marry J and A, but since they're not real, we'll have to gag and tie up some of our muses, (I'll volunteer my John muse) and we'll all gather at a great big chapel, suspiciously looking like Moya's terrace, and John and Aeryn muses will be in wedding getup, still tied at the ankles, hands, and gagged at the mouth. Rev. Sean'll start the ceremony, all the shippers'll be misty-eyed, and when the question of anyone objecting comes up, they'll start squirming like hell, but Sarah'll get 'em with her wand of sappiness, either that or Rachel'll prod em. Then they'll kiss, to which we'll all < thud >.
I can also see our wedding gifts. Mostly underwear, leather, black tees, leather, straight jackets for themselves and the little ones (goddammit, they just gotta), and oh, yes, leather. Well, seeing as this long train of thought is prompting my muses into immeadiate action I must go and beat them severely over their little heads, don't worry, they deserve it, they were also giving me NC-17 fic ideas last night, which, ironically, makes me think of a new society. SACM, Society Against Cruelty to Muses ................................. I don't think anyone from this list will join." -Eli

"We can start our own band. Is it selling your body if you're not actually a whore?" -Shaye

"Go to ScaperCon. I'm sure I'll eventually be legally drunk enough to do it for an audience. (Although by that point I can't guarantee tongue muscle coordination.)
Oh, now that's something to advertise. "Come to ScaperCon! A probably drunken Natalie will *try* to reenact that tongue thing!"" -Natalie

"Okay, why is it that everybody hates "The Field Where I Died", except for *all* the XF fans on this list? This is severely odd... and not in this list's usual kind of odd." -Lin

Lin: "You're asking me for a description of the Farscape Porn I could create with posession of Larraq?!?!"
Shaye: "We don't need a diagram. Maybe a blurry watercolor."

"I had the *strangest* dream last night. Okay, so yes, it was mostly strange because it involved the local paper mill having a huge meltdown and I was exposed to several nasty chemicals that gave me health problems for the rest of my life, and I almost passed out and died...and then I had to go right away and take a test, which I failed, and my damn teacher wouldn't give me another chance due to impending death. He actually blamed me for being LATE when I had almost died. Whatever. The point of this story is that they were handing out food rations with various nutrients to do different things, and there was one that was specifically made to aid in tongue undulation. Why, I have no frelling idea." -Shaye

"Yes, you did. I didn't believe you. I was wrong. (and that might be the last time you ever hear a *guy* admit that) ;-)" -James

""It's the Farscape Murder Mystery Weekend! Welcome! At some point, shots *will* be fired, and it's up to you to discover whodunit! One thing's for sure, though - this time, it's NOT the butler." " -Sarah

"Love Johnny opening his coat. There's a shocker." -Sarah

"Ah, another forbidden cargo. Very interesting. (Just wait, one of these days we're going to find out that Rygel's favorite food is a forbidden cargo, and there's gonna be a rumble.)" -Sarah

"Woo hoo! :) John looks very frellable in those leather pants and long leather coat. < /hormonal comment of the day >" -Eloy

"Stop trying to ruin a perfectly good fantasy with reality!!" -Jeff

"I just noticed that we are at 365 strong, quick everybody pick a day of the year ;-)" -Jeff

"Aaaaahhhh!!!!! *runs around the room* One more day til the next ep!!! Aaaahhhh!!!! Okay, I'm calm now." -Kelli

"Ok, going now. La di freaking da." -Kathe

Anthony: "if it's any consolation, many marsupials also have multiple organs."
Natalie" "< snerk > You don't wanna know what I read "organs" as..."
Anthony:"you're a shipper, i can make an educated guess. ::)"

"I've taken to watching awards shows she attends just so I can say I was watching the day Britney fell out of her top. How the hezmana does she keep those things in there, superglue? And don't even get me started on the butt wiggle." -Meowzer

"Seems like everyone's gone quiet, all of a sudden. Now, I know > we'll all be buzzing again after tomorrow night ("awww...Aeryn asked if she could keep John's eyes in a jar by her bed! How sweet was that?")" -John

"To my chagrin, upon my second viewing of PKTG, I found myself involuntarily
"awwww"-ing at J/G's last kiss. DAMMIT, you frelling TECH! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!" -Shaye

"Ahhh...< THUD > < drool > < thud > I need that one on perma-rewind in my brain. I wonder...can I get THAT image implanted in my brain ala Scorpy?" -Shaye

"Jothee. He's not a person. He's a frelling squid with the face of one of those fuzzy-haired Trolls from the 80's. Namtar: one ugly guy. M'Lee: dude, she's a kick. I loved it at the end when she made nice with Scorpy. It'd be cool if she ate him one day." -Shaye

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